It's a great pleasure to have you here... let us introduce ourselves:

    Our Company is young and dynamic, but with very deep roots in its sector. We do surface finishing (polish and satin) on metals like inox steel and aluminium. Surface finishing is executed on items like mixing blades, mills, valves, cabins, mixers... and many other various equipments for pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing!
    What moves us is a true passion for doing things in the best way and (even more important) for improving ourselves and our Company.
    Want to know us better? Visit our site and you'll find all the informations you need to understand if we are the right Company for you.


    The foundations.

    Our Company was born in 1984 on rock-solid experiences and know-how, developed by members in previous jobs. Initially it was based in a small workshop (230 square meters)... small surface but solid ideas: to constantly improve and satisfy our Customers. In 2011, finally, G.V. has moved to a bigger workshop: 600 square meters with a 40-quintal crane and a much bigger space to keep us doing our best!

    The spark.

    From 1998 we always tried to improve our techniques and our technologies, which surely arise from the experience but are improved with passion and dedication. We do believe that this is the true power that keeps us going on and on. We do believe that Customers are our greatest value, and that the business-relation between us and the Customer is NEVER meant to be an unproductive bureaucratic exchange. Above all it needs co-operation, it needs listening and attention to Customers' requests.
    And obviously it needs competence, it needs the fortitude to be honest and clear. It needs, in the essence, not to put commercial interest above all.
    Thanks to all of this features we became trusted partners of several Companies, and thanks to these Companies we grew up.
    Never forgetting where we come from.


    Our reference market comprehends those Companies who study, develop, manufacture and deploy plants for pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing. We execute surface finishing on hoppers, mixers, vibrating sieve, mills, centrifugal screeners, valves, glove-boxes, bins, vessels and various other components.
    We mainly execute two kind of finishing: SATIN and POLISH.
    Among these two kind of surface finishing there is a wide range of differences. The most important is in aesthetics: satin-finished metal appears opaque while polished-metal appears (if the execution is done correctly) like a mirror.
    Beside aesthetics, however, these two finishes differs for many other features, like scratch-resistance, acid aggression-resistance, surface roughness and flow-opposition for powders and fluids.
    Both finishes can ben requested with an accurate value for roughness (RA in micrometers) that will be declarated with a print of the measured profile. On request, our Customers can obtain an official document with all the technical reference of our Quality System and all the data needed for traceability.
    Our measuring instruments are calibrated weekly with ISO procedures and their reliability is granted by strict inspections (labs and SIT centers).


    Back in 2009 (our 25th anniversary!!) we took the way down to ISO Certification. We didn't have any clue of what it would mean for us, but what we knew is that what we were approaching was an ambitious project for a Company like G.V.
    We also knew that it was the RIGHT way, because we wanted to demonstrate something to us and to the world around us. We wanted to demonstrate that the commitment and the passion that we put in our job are not without purpose but are a part of wider process called "continuous improving".
    So we began writing procedures and analyzing processes, and at the end of a 1-year walk we obtained our ISO Certification. That moment has been truly important for us... for a dream was coming true. "Quality" fundamentals had always been in our DNA, and that has been a great step forward.
    We leave you with some details: we are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by BUREAU VERITAS (Certificate N. IT267302) and our application field is EA-17. Our Quality Manual is available for our existing Customers and our Certificate is available for download at this LINK
    So, what do you think about testing us? The statement "Passion and experience" that you read in our logo is here to light the way: we do our best not to BE the best but to IMPROVE every day. All the ingredients are inside our hearts and our hands, and you won't find them in a manual or in a procedure. They will be ready when you'll decide to enter our world.



    To better organise and manage the documentation we distribute to our Customers (roughness reports, declarations of conformity, official roughness declarations and invoices) we created a reserved area on our web site for every Customer we serve. The area is available 24/7, accessible with a normal browser and even with a smartphone, and since we put particular attention to work planification, in this area our Customers can also find the current plan for their items.
    Simple and efficient.


    G.V. SNC di Gioacchin Alessio & C.
    via Leonardo Da Vinci 54 - 20030 SENAGO (MI)

    Telefono: +39 02 9981222
    Fax: +39 02 87153566
    E-mail: info@gvlucidaturametalli.it

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